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The TradeWinds team delivers superior strategic public and media relations counsel, mainstream and multicultural marketing and more. Let’s partner and do great work!

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About Tradewinds

Denver-based, multicultural marketing communications firm

TradeWinds is a Denver-based, multicultural marketing communications firm that fuses a passion for creative, strategic communication with clients who bring REAL value to the lives of their diverse constituents. We strategically and unapologetically center and curate the stories and issues of those communities in our efforts and in our narratives because representation matters. 

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What we offer

How can we help your business?

Perception is everything – and if you are not taking the lead in shaping the perception of your company, your ideas or your mission, others will do it for you. That’s where TradeWinds comes in.

Strategic Communications

TradeWinds’ entire public relations focus begins with a customized approach to developing our client’s strategy.

Community Outreach & Engagement

We create customized outreach strategies that include face-to-face communications, strategic event placement and positioning and more.

Brand Management

It’s that one gem of content that tells your audience what they need to know. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it must be memorable, authentic, and powerful. Let us help you strike that balance to ensure a successful and meaningful campaign.

Social Media Strategies

Your digital footprint is essential to your brand. TradeWinds will customize your social media vehicles to match and enhance your messaging for maximum impact.

Advertising & Design

Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you "pray" for. Why leave it to chance? If advertising is the route you choose, TradeWinds helps you control your narrative.

Media Relations

Let TradeWinds help shape the perception of your company, your ideas and your mission.


No public relations/marketing agency can claim to do either if capable and creative writers aren't at the heart of the team. Period. And that's where our services begin.

Video Production

We work with the best film and editing crews to take your vision to the next level with high-end video production.

Let's talk!

TradeWinds believes the health and well being of any individual is intrinsically tied to a culture that empowers them to do more than survive – but thrive (physically, mentally, environmentally, etc.). TradeWinds also believes that philosophy should be supported by mindful action – particularly if it is paired with powerful images, messages and a strategy for delivering those messages to your audiences. 

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Straightforward Pricing & Packages

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Starter Kit

Basic Package
$ 39
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Pro Kit

Pro Package
$ 99
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Advance Kit

Advance Package
$ 149
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Why Choose Us

superior strategic public & media relations

Award Winning



TradeWinds specialize in issues, causes, and movements that enhance the mind, body and spirit of the communities in which they live.

Superior Support

At TradeWinds, we provide ongoing support and services to all of our clients, for the life of your project!


Kind words from clients

Tasha Jones CEO, LV Jones Consuting

"TradeWinds provides a wealth of PR connections with a specialty in diversity outreach for large community projects such as Central Park (formerly Stapleton). Her communications outreach work spans media relations, event outreach, targeted marketing strategies, face-to-face communication, issues management and other forms of PR..."

Wil Alston, Director Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement

"TradeWinds has been such a critical element in our department’s work regarding event coordination and developing and communicating our various messages. In a time when smart decisions are needed when it comes to the use of limited resources, the payback on securing TradeWinds has been tremendous for us."

Nikki Swarn (she/her) General Manager, 89.3 KUVO Jazz and 104.7 THE DROP

"I am so proud of the work that TradeWinds Communications has done on a myriad of projects. Whether it was drafting and executing public relations plans, connecting us with diverse media outlets and audiences, or developing brand identities, Tracy and her team exemplify a standard of excellence that is so desirable."


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